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Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapyt is a car advertising company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria which services various markets nationwide. We are the future of OOH (Out of Home) advertising, connecting your brand with millions of geo-targeted audiences daily. We partner with high mileage car owners who are willing to have your brand’s message on their cars in exchange for advertising fees.

We work with you to understand your marketing goals. If hyper-targeted brand-awareness is an important piece of your media plan, we will make an appropriate campaign recommendation regarding the wrap style, quantity of cars, and campaign duration.

Once confirmed, we then assign appropriate drivers to your campaign based on the target geography.

At a confirmed start date, all approved drivers are sent to our wrapping facility and their vehicles are wrapped in your brand advertisement in a matter of hours. The car is then returned to the owner, and for the campaign duration, the car is generating powerful impressions everywhere they drive in their community.

Through the use of our phone app, all driving activity is tracked and reported back to you on a weekly basis.

The registered drivers on the Wrapyt network are safe, high-mileage, private car owners from the local community who want to earn residual income for driving around with a brand on their car.

More specifically, our Wrapyt drivers are a myriad of esteemed community members; an eclectic mix of bankers, engineers, small business owners, Uber and Bolt drivers, etc., all whom have consistent driving patterns and keep an accident-free car in excellent condition.

We select drivers for your campaign by reaching into our expansive driver network, hand select the drivers who generate the most exposure in the geographic areas we are targeting, with well maintained and accident free cars.

Each Wrapyt assigned car must drive a baseline of 4,000 miles per month, and their primary mileage must be cored in the defined geo-location of interest.

Using historical data, we have concluded that accurate driver impression representation is largely a function of the population density of the area being targeted. A Wrapyt partner driver, for example, driving for at least 4 hours daily at 165 miles, will hit a baseline of 5,000 miles monthly.

Confirmed statistics shows that a wrapped car generates between 30,000 to 80,000 daily impressions depending on the population density of where the car drives.

A wrapped car driving around Ikeja and its environs at 165 miles daily is estimated to generate 60,000 daily impressions, resulting in a estimate of 1.8 million impressions in a month. However, same car while hitting same daily miles in Epe area is estimated to generate 30,000 daily impressions, resulting in an estimate of 900,000 impressions in a month.

Population density of the various geographical locations affect the estimated number of impressions.

If an accident occurs with any of our partner drivers on a live campaign, we will be promptly notified, which in turn gets passed back to the client. The wrap is removed from the car, and a replacement driver is immediately assigned for the duration of the campaign. This is a rare occurrence as all of our partner drivers have been screened to ensure the highest degree of safe driving.

When the campaign begins, Wrapyt partner drivers are obligated to send photos of their clean and maintained vehicles on a weekly basis to release their payment along with our in-house developed compliance checking process, using a mobile software that tracks each new submission.

It will depend on the number of vehicles involved and the locations you are targeting. However, our average “campaign preparation period” is no longer than two weeks.

Each Wrapyt campaign varies in size, scale and scope. To get out updated rates, send a request for latest rates via

The shortest campaign Wrapyt offers is 4-weeks.

Wrapyt is only live in Lagos, Nigeria at the moment. However, we will be launching in more states in the coming months.