As an owned media, vehicle wraps advertise 24/7 at their owner’s disposal and create impressions wherever they go. On average, vehicle graphics generate 101 impressions per mile. Media measurements performed by Geopath (formerly known as the Traffic Audit Bureau) discovered the number of daily impressions vehicle wraps make to be between 30,000 to 70,000.

Low Likelihood To Be Overlooked And Ignored

Among the 5,000 advertisements people are exposed to each day, 89% are unnoticed, 7% are noticed but disliked, and only 4% are noticed and liked. An analysis of vehicle advertising characteristics determined that it cannot be ignored or blocked unlike other media including TV, radio, and the internet.

82% of people ignore ads online, 37% ignore TV ads, 36% ignore radio ads, 35% ignore newspaper ads, and 615 million web devices have ad blockers installed and used in 2016.

However, vehicle wraps have the advantage of not being intentionally overlooked. Its obvious size and road safety concerns maximize the advertisement’s visibility and guarantee attention. Audiences have no control in blocking, skipping, closing, or throwing away vehicle ads. In conclusion, vehicle advertising has a higher opportunity to be noticed and even liked.